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This lodge is a direct descendant of Lodge No. 43. A petition presented to Lodge 43, on January 10, 1870, asking the approval of the lodge and a recommendation to the Grand Lodge for a new lodge in Lancaster met with opposition. Past Master Brother Dr. Henry Carpenter offered the following resolution:

“Whereas it is in contemplation by a few Masons residing in Lancaster City, Pennsylvania, to petition the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for a warrant to open a new Lodge in said city, and whereas we the members of Lodge No. 43, believe that new lodge organized, and under the control of said Brethren, would be detrimental to the good order and peace of the fraternity, therefore be it “Resolved, That the officers of Lodge No. 43, A. Y. M., together with the Past Masters be a committee to represent the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania and its officers, that Lodge No. 43 respectfully, but earnestly, prays that no warrant may be granted for constituting a new Lodge in Lancaster City, Pa., without the consent and approbation of Lodge No. 43.”

The resolution being seconded, Brother R. H. Long moved to postpone the resolution until the next stated meeting, but this motion was lost, and after discussion, a division was called for, and the resolution was adopted.

The brethren interested in the formation of the new lodge now resorted to a petition signed by individual members, the signatures being solicited outside of the Lodge meetings. A resolution strongly condemning this procedure was adopted at the February meeting of Lodge No. 43. This opposition was gradually overcome, however, and at the stated meeting held on My 11, 1870, a favorable recommendation was obtained by Brothers Henry Baumgardner, William A. Morton, Samuel F Rathvon, Edward Welchans, J. Frederick Sener, William Z. Sener, Henry R. Fahnestock and John A. Schultz resigned from Lodge No. 43. These brethren petitioned the Right Worshipful Grand Lodge for a warrant.

At the Quarterly Communication held on June 1, 1870, the warrant was granted and Lamberton Lodge, No. 476, was constituted on June 23, 1870